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The Americanism Commission’s Children & Youth Committee is the center of the Legion’s youth-support efforts. The committee meets annually to formulate, recommend and implement plans, programs and activities designed to accomplish:

The American Legion has been a strong advocate for children and youth since its inception. This steadfast dedication has never wavered and continues to be a driving force on behalf of children across the country today.




Ideas to promote Children & Youth Month

April is Children & Youth Month


General information about the Foundation.

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation


The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation, Inc. presents special awards annually for outstanding support of our programs designed to help children. The award year is June 1 of the current year through May 31 of the following year

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation Annual Awards 



Designed to help children make responsible decisions. Basic facts about alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and inhalants.

Gateway Drugs



Members of The American Legion Americanism Commission’s Committee on Children & Youth have been entrusted with the responsibility of upholding this pillar – the one that braces our nation’s veterans by caring for their children, and our nation’s children.

Children & Youth Programs


Designed for children and adults. Facts on “Trick or Treat” safety.

Make Halloween a Fun and Safe Night



Outlines the six most common causes of accidental death for children and how to avoid them. 

Play it Safe


Designed for children and adults. Facts about youth suicide.

 Warning Signs



Temporary Financial Assistance - TFA is specifically designed to assist minor children of eligible active-duty servicemembers or eligible American Legion members through financial grants, which contribute to a stable home environment. These grants help families meet the costs of shelter, utilities, food and medical expenses.

 Temporary Financial Assistance