Carter Burdell Hagler American Legion Post 178

Veterans Transportation Service Locations

The Veterans Transportation Service (VTS) is designed to ensure that all qualifying Veterans have access to care through convenient, safe, and reliable transportation. VTS provides qualifying Veterans with free transportation services to and/or from participating VA medical centers (VAMCs) in a multi-passenger van.  This service ensures that all qualifying Veterans who do not have access to transportation options of their own, due to financial, medical, or other reasons, are able to travel to VA medical facilities or authorized non-VA appointments to receive the care they have earned.  Veterans must have a schedule appointment; Veterans must be 30% or higher disable or be on a stretcher, In a wheel chair, or walk with cane or walker; and the driver will call the Veteran prior to arrival for confirmation to avoid making an unnessary trip.


Atlanta VA Medical Center

1670 Clairmont Road Decatur, GA 30033


Dominick Vior
404-321-6111 ext. 3650

Alternate Contact:

Leslie Burroughs
404-321-6111 ext 125144

Rosalyn Griffith
404-321-6111 ext 6543

Carl Vinson VA Medical Center

1826 Veterans Blvd. Dublin, GA 31021


James Harper
478-272-1210 ext 2324

Alternate Contact:

Jessica Williams
478-272-1210 ext 3673

Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center

1 Freedom Way Augusta, GA 30904-6285

Travel Hub (706) 733-0188 

Ext: 28004


Kerry Elder
706-733-0188 ext. 472067

Alternate Contact:

Tanya Austin
706-733-0188 ext. 6845